Engagement Sessions:
Engagement sessions are roughly one hour and vary upon location. I LOVE going to locations that have special meaning to your story, or that will help you in decorating and preparing for your day. However, I also have many ideas and strive for each and every shoot to be unique. This engagement session includes 1-3 outfit changes and 1 location. If additional locations are wanted, anything is possible, so please inquire. 

Digital Files: I do NOT set a limit on how many photos you will receive from your wedding. I do not believe that one should have to choose what to purchase after looking though their memories, so you get what I get! After your wedding, I will go through the images and “cull” them, which means I take all the good and get rid of the old “blinking, etc.” I then edit each and every photos and upload them to your gallery for you to view, download, and save for a lifetime. 

After the Wedding: One of the most asked questions are “when will I get my photos back after the wedding?” So here it is! I strive to have “sneak peeks” to you, posted on Facebook, etc. no more then 1 week after your special day, while averaging a 2 day sneak peek turn around time. As for the finalized gallery, this can really vary depending on the season etc. The MOST amount of time will be 6-8 weeks return time. Trust me, I do not like sitting on images any more then you dislike waiting for them! NOONE likes waiting for photos! So I strive to have your gallery uploaded and sent to you as fast as possible! 

My Shooting Style: I love it all. I love traditional wedding posing, I love laughing, smiling, hugging, kissing, etc. I seriously love it all! I strive to keep a good amount of balance between the two throughout your day, while also including candid’s. That being said, this is something we will talk about via your phone consultation. I aim to capture the most of whatever is most important to you and your spouse and your family. 

Booking: Once I have answered any questions you may have and we have decided on a collection, you will be emailed an invoice for a deposit that can be paid directly online using any CC at no processing fee. Then, you will be mailed, or emailed a contract laying out the specifics of your wedding day. Once the deposit has been made, and the contract has been signed we will then determine a good timeline depending on the length of your engagement regarding WHEN to do your engagement session. 

Itinerary: As the day approaches, we will be in contact via phone or email regarding the specifics of your wedding day. I will ask for specific details about 2 months in advance regarding names of attendants, special groupings you would like, or special details to your wedding you would like photographed. Once the start time of pictures have been determined, I will put together a full itinerary detailing when all groupings and photos will begin. This will be a GREAT tool for you to hand out to all attendants, family members, friends, etc.